DyRoMa LLC solves customers’ machinery
vibration problems with expert advice based on
sound engineering principles, knowledge of
modern rotor dynamics, and practical
experience worldwide. Our Machinery Diagnostics
Services (MDS) personnel are recognized as a
trusted source of deep knowledge on
machinery behavior. Customized diagnostic
service programs are offered based on your

DyRoMa LLC provides an unbiased, independent perspective for all
machinery, regardless of manufacturer. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Machinery Vibration Analysis & Troubleshooting Services

Machinery Malfunction Diagnostics

Field Balancing (onsite trim balancing)

Machinery Startup and Turnaround Assistance

Rotor Dynamic Modeling and Consultation

Shop Acceptance Testing

On-site Data Collection and Evaluation

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Advanced Vibration Analysis Services

Operating Deflection Shape Analysis and Testing

Modal Analysis and Testing

Structural Dynamics Modifications

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Additional Services

Torsional Vibration Analysis and Testing

Piping and Structural Vibration Analysis

Customer Vibration Diagnostic Training

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